We believe in slow fashion - a well-considered cut, style and design that's not rushed or hasty with generic print or styles.
Wear it forever

We're not fast, cheap disposable fashion, but quality and durable investment pieces that you can rely on for years, not months. We aim to produce non-seasonal, unisex pieces and collections. Each collection has to work with pieces from previous collections so you are building a wardrobe of Athluxury pieces that you can mix and match with existing purchases.

Waste? No, Thanks

We try to minimise the use of excessive or non-recyclable elements in our tagging, labelling, and packaging where we can. We want to minimise passing on excess paper, packaging, labels, or tags that are unnecessary and wasteful. We have made our swing tags smaller, use just one garment label and are aiming to remove these altogether by printing these details directly onto the textile, just to name some of our efforts.

Let's Recycle

We will rework or further develop any existing styles that we have excess stock of in new collections rather than slash prices and dump quality product on the market.


All of our garments are proudly made in England intentionally to support local industry and British manufacturing. We keep production onshore ensuring premium quality control over the manufacturing of our collections and complete transparency to the working conditions of its employees. Meet some of the people who made your clothes.