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Collection V

Collection 5 is London AF.

London is at the heart of this collection. It is inspired by the fashion and music scene of the 90’s - Brit Pop and McQueen, night clubs and night buses, the late nights of the “Night-Letes”.

Texture rich romantic lace and opulent velvet mix with bold patterns, gloss finishes and leather detailing. The color palette extends from acid yellow to overcast greys, social statement T’s communicate the reality of being and the freedom to just be.

SukiShufu is athluxury for urban lives. Versatile street style exquisitely cut, it is as comfortable to lounge and travel in as it is to dance and workout in.

SukiShufu remains inspired, designed and manufactured in London.

East End boys and West End girls.

London AF T-shirt
Suki Muscle Top
Eat Dirty Tee
Night-lete Sweat Top


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