The transformation continues...

Suki is still in action and continuing down the committed path to strength, wellness and good feelings. I thought I'd update you on on my progress since I started to put myself first (yes first above absolutely everyone else!) in April 2017.

The new black and white images show me from Jan 2018 on the left to April 2018. In both sets of photos as you can tell there is no photo shop, no filters, no shadow effects only me in black and white and a SukiShufu tempura crop top obvs - knickers are M&S.

Im not vegan or vegetarian and I eat carbs every single day AND I don't do cardio. I train with my amazing trainer we lift 2- 3 x a week and I squeeze in 15 mins of HIIT 1 -2 x a week. 

I also wanted to ensure that you know that I live and breathe this brand, it is all me. I design it, I test it, I wear it, I ensure its quality and I'm completely invested in its originality, durability and performance for all of us.

Suki slay my friends.



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