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I thought we could kick this section off with one of me in Suki after just finishing a 12-week body transformation and why I did it as I approach my 46th birthday next month.

The image on the left is me 12 weeks ago working myself into the ground and putting myself last - always. The business, my family, friends and everything else I put before myself. I was tired (I loved an afternoon nap) my posture was suffering and i started to get neck and shoulder pain as a result of hours at the desk.

I was an Australian gymnast when I was younger and as a result i'd always maintained a good level of mobility, flexibility and strength but I could feel that these were now suffering also.

The image on the right was taken Friday after 12 weeks of changing my priorities and choices and putting myself first every day. Only once you take care of yourself can you then properly take care of others.

Do it.

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  • Love the transformation 12 week program! I’m embarking in a transformation plan too.

    Lillie Chavez

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